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The present succession in the Fa Men Chuan lineage

Fifteen hundred years ago the Fa Men Chuan tradition was established. It has had many names, adapting to the eras and their circumstances, making necessary changes; like the chameleon, seeking to be match the needs of the circumstances.

The process of succession has been the key to the total transmission of the experience of each master. Thus, the technique and its teaching were purified, creating a mechanism Sui Generis combining Martial practice, Philosophy, and Chi Kung as a mechanism of spiritual development.

This teaching was passed from master to disciple, and this process is called Succession.

There are two states which are often confused: Master and Successor

The Master is a person who, by dint of practice, has reached a state of excellence in execution, and the capacity to transmit it.

Mastery is a grade which all can reach; this is the goal to which we aspire to guide each person. by contrast, Si Jo is a position of succession reserved solely for the successor, protector, and transmitter of the tradition in its entirety and integrity.

Succession is not reached via dreams or regressions, only through the Master-Disciple relationship, in which the knowledge of the tradition are transmitted in their entirety. This has been the method used by all the masters of our lineage.

To reach this state humility, dignity and respect are needed.

The Successor ship is not achieved attacking or denigrating the master who guided one, much less so, the one who granted one the degree

Succession is an act of love and devotion without desire to manipulate or obligate the students to be what one wishes them to be.

Succession is not given for believing but for knowing.
Wisdom is not reached by imposing, but for elucidating.
It is the initiatic act that is achieved thanks to the fascination of the spirit.

The Successor of Fa Men Chuan is the one who receives the tradition, the flame o Light of the wisdom of the times; whose task is to receive and then transmit it.

The successor is the essence of the family Fa Men Chuan. He is the essential link; such that without the successor, the tradition disappears.

This tradition of light was encharged by the Si Jo Dr. Mitsuhiro Ito to the then STG Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sanchez, so that he would bear it unto the end of his days, and, in turn, hand it to the successor or successors whom he would designate.

Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sanchez was the person designated by the Si Jo Dr. Mitsuhiro Ito in the year 1977 as the carrier of the tradition. When the Si Jo Dr. Mitsuhiro Ito announced his retirement at that time, he conferred the grade of Si Jo upon Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sanchez.

For the Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez two responsibilities were born. That of Master no.87, and the additional charge of choosing the successor.

The responsibilities of the charge, which comprehend the Tradition, doesn’t vanish from the shoulders of the Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez whilst he lives. The Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez Hill remain in constant vigilante even after he designates a successor. Clarifying now, and until the contrary is announced; let it be known and understood that the Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez has not named a successor as of the present time. When this does occurs, understand that this privilege granted by him can be rescinded if the Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez understands that the person he chose doesn’t follow the norms or violates what was previously established.

It goes without saying that:

The Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez is presently the sole source of the tradition of Fa Men Chuan, and it is he who will recognize the successor or successors.

La STG Dr. Wanda I. Rivera Acevedo:

The STG Dr. Wanda I. Rivera Acevedo only possesses permission to teach Fa Men Chuan within the framework of her school and her knowledge. This permission to teach, and to form her own family, was granted to her by the Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez.

Within the degree of the STG Dr. Wanda I. Rivera Acevedo she ought to continue with the training, as she lacks key traditional elements of the superior practices.

The STG Dr. Wanda I. Rivera Acevedo is neither my successor nor my disciple. She has failed the most basic discipular norm.
The STG Dr. Wanda I. Rivera Acevedo has neither my trust, nor trust of the lineage to which she refers.

I open my arms as the sole successor to all those who feel the call to the conquest of the Tradition of Fa Men Chuan.

I notify by this media that should the Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez be absent or in any way be incapacitated, it should be understood the the STG Dr. Wanda I. Rivera Acevedo, despite her degree of STG, is neither my successor nor my disciple. She is a student of a high degree, and I assume no responsibility for what the STG Dr. Wanda I. Rivera Acevedo teaches.

It should be understood, that neither in the present nor in the future, shall she be able to assume the degree of either Si Jo or Successor of Fa Men Chuan.

This doesn’t lessen the respect which she deserves as master of her school.

That the STG Dr. Wanda I. Rivera Acevedo claims the position of Master No. 88 does not indicate Successor ship. What it indicates is that soon there will be a Master no. 89 who could be named at a future time.

The students of the STG Dr. Wanda I. Rivera Acevedo have our recognition, but only to the degree of knowledge which the STG Dr. Wanda I. Rivera Acevedo possesses.

If it had been understood the the STG Dr. Wanda I. Rivera Acevedo was my successor for her position as master no. 88, by this means, be it known that:

The STG Dr. Wanda I. Rivera Acevedo does not have any claim to the position of successor within the Fa Men Chuan lineage.

The tradition and the external and internal, pedagogical, and organizing direction is of the If Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez is who possesses the traditional responsibility to organize, to direct, to teach, to represent and to prepare the future successors.

The process herein outlined is structured to Project the method of Succession, and the general development of the Great Family.

It should be understood that:

This is not a liberal process. It is a designation of the Si Jo in function, following a discipular norm, based on trust, the capacity for commitment; obedience of the norms being an example of discipleship.

The powers of the Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez are unquestionable in all their aspects.

These are:
Administration both of the technical as well as philosophic teachings.
Conceding permissions.
Granting power to give degrees, as well as revoking such powers.
Authorizing the formation of New Families.
To approve of the general regulations, be they internal or external.

It is the duty of the Si Jo Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez to be notified of any activity which could harm the development, prestige, and/or, the good image of the Fa Men Chuan.

Only he and none other has the power to change a decision and authorize or revoke the decisions of the regulations.

The plan is to secure continuity of the teaching, even in the absence of the Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez in the face of the death or retirement of the Si Jo; but, this will only be designated to the ideal person.

The present communiqué was not elaborated with the interest to discuss or argue.

Each practitioner should feel free to be where he ought to be. Nobody should be obligated.

It is worth clarifying that our doors are open to each and every practitioner.

I remember each of you with love and affection.

All have my blessing, but the die is cast.


Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez
Master No. 87 and Successor of the Fa Men Chuan Tradition


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