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From the Monastery of Conscience #7

The Warrior Monk Within

Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez

Fa Men Chuan Grand Master


What is a Warrior Monk?
What is the Warrior Monk of the Fa-Men-Chuan?

Within the Martial Arts (Shaolin Fa Men Chuang), various goals exist which mark ones progress in the path of the Warrior Monk.

This same path is that of the awakening or enlightenment which permits entry into the most important monastery, THE closest to heaven, "the inner you". It is the awakening of the warrior monk contained within us.

The initiation into the practice is difficult; some consider it cruel. Physical practice, stretching, strength and endurance exercises; speed, capacity, imagination, study, research, analysis, relaxation, reflection, meditation, etcetera. A total regimen of labor to which one commits one’s life.

Struggling to comprehend others and to be understood, to tolerate and be tolerated, give and receive. Enjoying with affection and asceticism the difficult moments of life. This is but the beginning in the search for the inner doorway.

The practice continues, unceasing in the search for perfection, regardless of the pain and tears. Overcoming the moments of disillusionment and loneliness. Unflagging in the pursuit of excellence and integral purity.

Desiring it more than Oxygen, more than the fish desires water. Struggling to acquire it, even at the cost of life; these are the minimum requirements to reach the final stretch.

Then, one must persevere, maintain oneself unrushed, not desiring it, but laboring for its complete possession. To reach the self within the

It appears it will never occur, we become disillusioned, but we continue; at times out of habit, at others out of trust and love of our guide. We persevere, although often we think we pursue a utopic fantasy, something unreal, a mere legend in the path of the search for realization.

The companions or brothers who had accompanied us until the present become disillusioned and leave, or stop to rest on the path, delighting in the distance covered. On top of everything else, they are satisfied with their progress. They encourage us to join then, but we have invested time, effort, and illusions. We continue in the search for something unknown to us; nothing aside from this search either satisfies or interests us.

But a moment surges; an instant in which time itself pauses, everything shines. What had always been before our eyes, appears new to us; the colors are distinct, they have a different glow.

The happiness is indescribable, we are overcome by its plenitude, we are drunk on our perception; it is a cosmic apotheosis which projects us unto the edges of infinity.

Our body acquires cellular consciousness; we can feel the individual thought of each tissue, each cell, molecule, atom, electron, proton, and subatomic particle. We feel within ourselves the infinitely great and the small. We feel as great as the universe and as small as the most infinitesimally small particle of matter; simultaneously.

The execution of movements is simple, unexaggerated, precise, real, complete. There is no antagonistic feeling of anger or hatred, violence or cruelty. We respond in accordance with the attack- we are not the cause which originates the attack, but the effect - there is no meanness, only a surge of power which overflows with dominion and control. We are being born into a new dimension, in which only reside the warrior monks.

Now the Dragon and the Tiger are not imprinted on the arms, but in our soul and spirit. It identifies an altar whose only goal is the conquest of the awakening of the spirit.

They are the symbol of a Tradition awakening in America. They are the hope for all those who follow the delineated path of the conquest of the LIGHT.


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