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Chi-Kung - A Conquest of our Interior Self

Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez

Fa Men Chuan Grand Master


The history of Chi Kung has been lost through time, it is the history of life itself. Even though, in the present, we locate Chi Kung as a technique of Chinese origin , we could say if does not belong to a specific race or region, it is the effort of man to obtain the excellence in adaptation including the internal search, with the minimum effort and the maximum benefit.

Chi-Kung and Qi-Gong have the same meaning; this is born and developed in Chinese prehistory, it is adaptable to the time and to the individual, society and culture’s necessities. Because of this each philosophy or each philosopher presented method of Chi Kung, that was at that moment the recipe or formula that guided us through the path of that technique in special, giving origin in that way to the diverse schools according to the different methods of Chi Kung. At the moment, there exists a lot of Techniques and schools of Chi Kung.

For example:

  1. The Studies of Health – These gave origin to the Chi Kung of Health.

  2. The Confusionist – The Chi-Kung of the Intellect and that of the Modification of Conduct basically.

  3. The Taoists – The Chi Kung of the Integration of the Tao.

  4. The Buddhists – The Chi-Kung of Illumination.

  5. The Warrior Monks – The Chi-Kung of the Iron Shirt, this technique is also used by the other systems of Chi-Kung.

  6. The Naturalist – The Chi-Kung of the Integration of Nature’s Manifestations and the usage of its energy. For example the Chi-Kung of the Crane, Tiger, Dragon, Forest, Winter, Autumn and others.

We practice the Chi-Kung of the Old Tree (the Chin-Kuang) in a Tradition or Lineage of more than one-thousand years, without a religious background, training the body for the search of essential energy. In this day and age the technique of the Old Tree (Chin-Kuang) is divided in two big areas: Wei-Dan (the external practice) and Nei-Dan (the internal practice), these have been adapted to the new times, searching the excellence in health, the modification of conduct, the augment of intellectual capacity, unifying criteria for a correct adaptation to a competitive world, without loosing sight of the search of existence and the torments of the soul. This will take us in an orderly way to the search of Illumination by all yearned.


This is the result of the essence of all existence, the Chinese Tradition calls it Chi, it can be translated as the primary energy that is : Astro-luminic-electric-physical-bio-magnetic. Through the technique of Old Tree Chi-Kung, man learns to capture it, concentrate it and project it at will. I understand that the human being projects this energy en three different forms, for example: in the physical body it is liquid, in the mental body it is electric and in the spiritual body it is luminic.

The Energy Channels:

These are conducts well defines and located in the body commonly called meridians of Acupuncture. Each one of them has a different luminic necessity and affinity, it is classified by colors. These channels have three internal layers, the first layer, captures luminic energy according to the necessity and affinity of each channel and communicates it to the second layer, here energy or Chi transforms in a neuro-electric stimuli, when it arrives to the third layer or tunic it is sent to the brain through the nervous system in order to be used in all biological functions.

The brain utilizes this luminal energy that was transformed into neuro-electric energy for all the necessary functions. This part of augmenting the capacity of the human being contributes to the harmonious development of both cerebral hemispheres.

After completing all the functions, the catabolic residues resultant of the procedure are excreted by other conducts following the prior process but in an inverted form, this discarding energy mixes here with light surrounding the body, calling itself at that moment aura (thermo-electric energy in the body). Depending on the resulting color it can be determined the deficiency, inability, or physical, mental or spiritual health and also the emotional states. The constant disequilibrium of this energy in the body transforms in sickness.

The Eight Powers

The human being absorbs energy or Chi through the six doors, three inferior (Yin) and three superior (Yang), just as the capacity increases to absorb, manage, condense and project it at will one develops eight powers. These are:

  1. The Absorption Capacity (like a sponge).

  2. The Anti-penetration (like a wall that does not permit to be penetrated, is a Personal Defense of the Soul).

  3. The Repulsion (is like a cushion or pneumatic when it is banged, it returns the physical aggression and psychic with equal force to the aggression).

  4. The Transmission (is transmitting energy for healing at distance).

  5. The Protection (it is the so called Golden Pearl it is a protective shield of the surroundings).

  6. The Neutralization (is to capture the negative energy and dispatch it later (like a vacuum).

  7. The Projection (is to direct Positive Energy to people or cities or countries Transforming the environment.

  8. For the Auto Illumination of its centers or Chakras, opening the channels of other people.

Through its practice it is found the way to minimize the damage caused by the pollution of the environment, the dis-adjustment of conduct, fighting stress, augmenting efficiency and tranquility minimizing physical and mental effort. Summing up we could comprehend and live the depicted by Lao Tse in the Tao Te King:

“Being able to be in the jungle and the tiger not being able to slash zarpazo"
Being able to be in the battlefield and the enemy not able to used his sword against him.
Being able to enter the buffalos quarry and the buffalo not able to jab his horns.,
Because your beyond death”. . .

Or like mentioned by Sri. Avastaro Upanishad

I have known the infinite being that shines beyond darkness and delusion, only knowing you can escape death, there is no other path to immortality.

Chi-Kung is not only a theory,
It is an experience... “Being happy and making others happy”
Conquering oneself, here and now.



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