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Si Jo Dr. Mariano E. Rivera Sánchez

Fa Men Chuan Grand Master


Our Destiny, Our Origin, Our Mission, Our Daily Living, Our Illumination

It is erroneously believed that love is something only manifested betwixt lovers; but, true love is a state of grace in plenitude with all existence.

Commonly, humans understand love as the relationship between lovers or the feeling that causes it to arise, but from the viewpoint of Fa-Men-Chuan, it is completely different. To clarify this viewpoint, we will further expound. We hope the following will be fully comprehended and give birth to true love within our lives. Learning to be happy, and bring happiness to all.

Romantic Love

The majority of relationships arise due to attraction, desire, passion, lust, obsession, biological need, loneliness, etcetera. Sometimes not even for the above, but only, as is commonly said, "to have a good time", understanding neither the law of attraction nor the responsibility it carries. We note the numbers of your couples unprepared to assume the role of parenthood.

Emotionally, these youth lack sufficient maturity. Many are obligated to abandon school or higher studies without completing their preparation, in order to face life with neither training nor profession. They go on to be victims of poorly paid jobs and must tolerate many injustices due to their inadequate education.

Many grandparents must assume the responsibility for the care of their grandchildren, being that the parents are incapable of maintaining them. This leads the youth to feel mistreated by society. They assume rebellious and violent attitudes toward their family, their partner, or their children whom they blame for the loss of their liberty or failures. The parents, who, by virtue of their age, are supposed to have more experience, education, preparation, and good judgment, are often the patrons of the unhappiness of these young couples. We have known parents who encourage their sons to have sexual relations and impregnate young ladies, in order to prove their masculinity. Sometimes, "I love you", is lust dressed up in pretty words, or stupidity may be hidden behind the saying, "The experience of being Macho"

Sex can be enjoyed if one possesses the control, ability, and emotional maturity. But, take care, because he who plays with fire, usually gets burned. Be cautious before entering into deeper practices of The Tao of Love, or Tantra; control, knowledge, ability, and maturity are prerequisites. One risks unplanned pregnancy, and the precipitate responsibility of parenthood.

Parenthood should only be sought when certain of one's partner. One must be selective, unhurried, searching for the person, preparing and cultivating one's inner self; having achieved both, choose the moment carefully. Remember, a child should be the sublime aspiration of the conscience and the extension of the Love of Creation in compliance with the Cosmic Plan which Originated us. In this moment, when one has prepared oneself, the relationship of lovers becomes a sublime ecstasy of realization.

The environment or society distorts the arousal of Love, amplifying simple affection as the model of the natural evolution of intimate relationships. To say, "I can't live without So and So", could be habit, passion, obsession, dependence, or biological need. Sometimes, regular psychological therapy could be the solution.

Society patronizes relationships in excessively young persons as early on as childhood, by way of Sex-Ed programs. These programs are very good providers of biological information, but provide no moral formation. Moral formation is supposed to be covered by religious information; yet, we note that as time passes, the influence of religion upon people's consciences wanes ever more. I do not oppose religion; to the contrary, but religious moral information is based upon fear of sin. Hell is the consequence of sin, and the reward for following fear as the path of life, is paradise.

The Sex-Ed programs don't educate, they only inform regarding the sexual relation from the biological point-of-view. They don't offer the formative moral process in either the social, individual, or spiritual sense. These programs augment the curiosity of the youth; bear in mind that youth has always been characterized by a very vivid imagination; suggestions such as, "When you have sexual intercourse, use a condom", serve to animate them.

To this must be added the stimulation from adults for the young boys to acquire a girlfriend in primary school. As the child progresses to higher courses, they induce sexual relations, indicating that sexual intercourse is normal, only insisting upon the use of the condom. We do not oppose sexual intercourse, as it is magical, it is unique, it is a sublime ecstasy.

When the youth approach this type of relationship, the majority are too immature emotionally to understand or manage their feelings; they are overwhelming for his/her age, the youth cannot restrain him/herself. The game terminates in unplanned pregnancy, forcing the youth to face the series of responsibilities implicit in parenthood, a state they for which they are unprepared. The prospects are tenuous when projected into the future.

Upon this basis brought to us by the system or modus vivendi, we attainemotional maturity as "paralytic of the soul", perceiving reality with the vision of a spiritual dwarf.

The word love is a word so frequently touted, that by its misuse or application it has lost its real significance. Historically, the teacher MO (MO-TSE), 400 BC, used it as the base of his entire teaching, creating the philosophy of "Universal Love". Christian philosophy, expounded by Jesus Nazerene, based itself upon the phrase "Love one another". We see that both saw love as the base of good relations. We see it as the very reason for existence.

Love is the development of conscience, this projects to all of Creation, and it is Man, by his study, life, and meditation on the power of Love, who establishes the path toward the realization of the greatest glory of the Spirit, "Illumination".

When two lovers amplify the conception of affection, with the development of conscience of the conquest of the light of the spirit, it could be called Love. This is dual. It is delicious and painful, it is agony and ecstasy, it is the meeting of heaven and earth, the known and the unknown, it is the limit of matter and conscience, the depths and the heights. Its roots are in the earth, it is the pain and agony; and, its branches seek the heavens, it is the sublime liberation of ecstasy. Then, we live love as the reason for existence, and sex as a responsibility.

It is the product of the two, it is the delight in the forms, the undulations, the folds, the protuberances, the lines of the forms and the fragrance of the lover, it is the extension of the plenitude of the universe. They are two polarities; one is sex and the other is meditation, which is realized through communion by way of the origin. Sex can cause pain, meditation brings joy in the reality of ecstasy and contemplation. "Love" is a rose bush; it has beauty and fragrance, but accompanied by thorns. To uncover its secret, sex must be transformed into a meditation of ecstasy and divine realization. Within it there is no degradation, no humiliation, no frustration, no loss of dignity; there is only complete satisfaction in the essence of the divine, if it is converted into a Supreme Loving Relationship.

Love is the perfect relationship between objects and beings; it is harmony between creation and destruction; it is synonymous of Illumination. One should be patient, sincere, study it, dream of it, invoke it, have hope; the path is certain, it has been walked by hundreds of masters in the past, many travel it yet. But rush not, nor be you anxious.

If the couple evolves by way of meditation, the objective being the search for the light of the spirit, wherein is revealed the Supreme Love, then the relationship shall be converted into a prolongation of the Universal Love. Although there be passion, lust, or sexual desire, these manifestations shall be great, Love shall be the measure, not affection. Affection is limited, Love is not. If this does not occur so, the relationship shall continue to be naught but affection or custom.

Parting from the principle that the final objective of all is love, it is the spirit itself personifying itself, thus we understand that "It is the principle which has enlivened all the created and the not-created". This is difficult to understand intellectually, as the mind must measure it within an existential and conceptual framework, yet it cannot be completely understood via thought. To know it, it is necessary to go beyond the limits of thought. It is the principle and objective of creation, it is the state beyond the limits of being or not-being. Beyond all measures, incomparable, beyond all that is known. To unite yourself to it, you must penetrate by the path to the Immortal; Meditation, the Void, the light, Samadhi, the Eternal.

Often, we tend to consider love within the concept of a romantic relationship, indeed, what is actually evaluated is passion, desire, competition, the need for possession. We have converted it into a caricature of the relationship and existence. Within the common framework in our society, falling in love involves not the feeling of love, but rather that of passion.

The romantic relationship is a social measure, called love. In truth, love ought to be an extension of the individual in the complement of existence without sex being the measure of the relationship. If you wish to live love, forget about it; integrate yourself in meditation. Love grants liberty and plenitude, existence without limits or boundaries. It is a mystical experience, not sex. It is associated neither to romantic relationships nor with falling in love; it is an inner experience, eternal, not ephemeral. To say "I am in love with you, or, I love you" is, in most cases, a biological caprice or egoism.

Love arrives as the effect of happiness. It is the fragrance of a silent heart in search of its inner solitude, calmed and meditative. It brings one, then, "To be happy and make others happy." It is not a relationship, but a state of being. One is love. It is the Light, the fragrance of self-knowledge, discovery of one's self, is it cosmic conscience. It is not separate from existence, rather it is the realization of the sublime truth of existence, Microcosmic and Macrocosmic; the comprehension that there is a truth, a principle which unites us with all creation. It is the reality that keeps us alive. In a word, it is an infinite felicity by which we transcend the human planes of existence. It is an orgasm between our spirit and the cosmos, consciousness being the purest manifestation of existence, through our actions. It is the soaring of conscience in the search for the reality of the heights. With modification of the conscience, meditation with a silent heart, without seeking, it arrives. It is the consequence of living it. The flower is not aborted; given the conditions, it blooms. You ought to prepare for your flowering in the realization of the Spring of the divine, in your Being.

The good gardener frets not for the flowers; he cares for the plants. He waters them, tends them; they shall bloom alone, they needn't be forced. Love is the flowering of your interior, only tend and cultivate that inner space.

Be grateful when your love is received and accepted, acknowledge your debt to whomsoever receives it. Fill your existence with love, and then share it. The more you give, the more you will receive, converting your love into a festival of love. Love is Pure Illumination, a flowering of the Spontaneous Light. It is when, by means of meditation, you discard the wrapping of your ego. Your personality is revealed, freeing your true nature.

It requires only ground to flower, this ground is called meditation; the climate is silence and the fertilizer is purity of feeling. Then, thousands of flowers blossom within, and its fragrance emerges. The Light of the spirit is perceived, Light which will illuminate the path for the others. Search your heart in silence, and you will find a new dimension of life, it is pure Illumination. It is not a concept, not imagination; "Your inner Buddha has awakened".

No one is poor; only unaware that paradise is within themselves. Be not a beggar of life, work, money, well-being, love, etcetera. Born to be a Prince or King, you conform yourself with being a toad or a frog. You needn't beg for ought, your kingdom is within you; yet, you are content to be a frog. You needn't wait for the princess or prince to appear to awaken you to eternity, it inhabits you; you are the prodigal child of your own existence.

Venerate your existence with gratitude, feel the inner music and dance the cosmic rhythm of life in silence. Then shall you realize that existence is divine, it expands in thousands of manifestations, it is all of creation, life itself. All is filled with is, it is alive, surrender unto it… join its freedom, the freedom of the conscience, loving all that exists. Discover your inner splendor. Soon you shall discover that love arrives in abundance, you shan't be able to contain it; it will arrive from all directions.

"Life surges from the eternal
by the Eternal, Love shall conquer.
As a fount of the Light of life
And hymn of Celestial Glory
The Thousand-Petalled Flower of Light,
Shall bring its eternal beauty.
It is a thousand-voiced chorus of Tradition
Enlightening as well the path for others"


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