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Nectar of perdition or fantastic bitterness

SiSuk Annye Páez Martínez


“Everything disgusts me, even people Because the stupor that I begin to feel, It seems that my insides are like a hound That sinks its inclement claws into me. All my body hurts, even my forehead. And I swear by my mother, that just for that, Even if the drink brings forth all its wiles, Never again will I down another aguardiente.”

fragment from bernardo palacio mejia quindian poet

Who in our culture has not searched one way or another to exalt their happiness or escape in a slippery manner their loneliness or calm their nerves or forget even for a moment their problems.

This is part of us, thanks to the formation that we have received, is a common factor in every occidental. It is then, as men of meat and bones, customized as ¨modern man, ¨ where the importance dwells on the ¨individual alone, determined, equal¨ recurs to smoking, some to tranquilizers or alcohol, according to their preference. Since childhood it has been said to us that smoking affects the lungs seriously and can cause cancer, meanwhile, many start from their 13 to 14 years of age. It has also been said that hallucinogenic drugs alter the metabolism and even might kill you; even so, each time, the consumption statistics of these increases worldwide. In the same way, but no so marked as the latter ones, we had been advice that alcohol in excess destroys neurons, affects the liver and damages the person’s consciousness, even so, for a great part of society liqueur consumption is even celebrated from a minor age.

We see the consequences of these customs daily in people foreign to us and in us. That which is known popularly as ¨hang over¨ is simply the answer of the human body to the inclusion of hazardous substance and in some cases this reaction is strong enough that the persons ¨swears¨ not to drink again. It is to say, that there is a clear conscious to the damage been caused. Las

Therefore, why is it that having the knowledge and suffering in the flesh the effects of alcohol that people still drink it without lenience?

We could think of various options, let us see:

A person entering a euphoric state, may this be caused by happiness, sadness, anger etc... Generally thinks that in this occasion "one drink is not going to hurt anybody" and even so if the person is sad, he would serve one to "drown his sorrows." Therefore, just this once it would be harmful.

If the person is a steady drinker, he has made alcoholism a natural state that won't even affect his life more than been in a sober state.

If it is a teenager, what better way to go against the current. This way the youngster can manifest his angst. And what the heck, "a drink for the good times" also it will make them feel more and mightier.

Perhaps, the principal reason for society to keep being an excellent alcohol consumer is the conscientious approval of each and one of its members like something that belongs to the idiosyncrasy of the community itself.

And how does this happens? Just like the majority of consumer goods, with alcohol is just the same. The approval and the disapproval of a commodity are not necessarily given by the consumer but by the company that produces it. They do this through publicity and the circle of power that are strengthened by the traditional thought of the consumer.

Therefore, changing the concept of convenient and inconvenient, harmful and beneficial of a product in a community where it has been approved for so long, even though, sometimes in a subtle way certain customs that result less beneficial to the nature of human beings, can only begin just as the victims alienated to the direct consumer begin the task of understanding that alcohol is a dangerous element just as any other psychotropic or stimulant.


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