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Regressions and Past Lives

SiSuk Mariano Rivera Torres


What is a regression?

A regression is a technique in which, most cases, is supposed to clarify doubts and find those inconclusive questions that one has about one’s past life. A regression is practiced on a person that believes that this might answer all those unanswered questions of the past that cause a repercussion in the present live.

Learning and practicing the technique is marvelous and enriching for the mind; as long as it is used in an impartial manner. When used in a partial manner, it becomes a double edge sword since the past will always remain the past and it should not reign over the present. This is an understanding that the past life conditions will remain in the past and are not necessarily that of the present.

When talking about a past life it is always said that the present one is a simple continuation of the last. The continuance spoken about refers to a spiritual, internal and evolutionary one. This means that what we were in the past is not necessarily what we most continue to do in the present. If this were so, where would the evolution that each life brings be? If this where so, one would be in a constant cycle and therefore no advancement and progress

A regression is a technique that not only does it clarifies those supposed doubts of the past but might also serve to confuse people in their present

A regression can be easily manipulated by the person practicing it. When a regression is practiced the one that practices it becomes a guide, a guide who can direct, show the way, manipulate and control to their pleasure and convenience. With this, I refer to the fact that when a person realizes a regression one is the guide or practitioner and the other is the one been practiced on.


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